Wild Foods Potluck

wildfoodspotluckOne of my favorite things about having Seawolf in Portland was the monthly wild foods potluck. Each time folks bring a dish that contains at least one vital ingredient– something either wildcrafted, homegrown, or otherwise gotten from a non-commercial source.

It was wildly popular and we ended up with dishes from sauteed fiddlehead greens (left) to… wait for it…. mountain lion chocolate molĂ©. More than that it was always a great way to meet and hang out with other great people who like to get out and get their hands dirty while playing outside.

To start a new tradition of it in Seattle, I’ve started a Wild Foods Meetup Group. To join just go visit the Meetup page and then you’l be informed of when and where the wild foods potluck happens, but possibly even cooler there are regular outings to go and get delicious forage with others. Two proposed ventures are an oyster harvest and fry, as well as going to pick stinging nettles. Come tromp around with us! Also, if you’re thinking about a Seawolf expedition, it will give you a taste of the adventures to be had out in the wilderness open to kayak-campers.

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