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Hide Kayak Workshop?

December 7th, 2011 by Kiliii Fish

1316113027 9da97b9b16 m Hide Kayak Workshop?Folks, I am thinking about putting on a workshop where we all build a new true hide kayak skin-on-frame. Just wanted to inquire about people’s interest.

1. The whole class would build one kayak.

2. The class would take about 5-8 days.

3. I would allow (but not prefer) drop-ins.

4. It would cost about $250-300 for five participants.

Not sure about scheduling yet, or where we’d do it, but if you’re interested, let me know!

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7 Responses to “Hide Kayak Workshop?”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi there,

    Do you envisage each participant to be able to return home and build one for themselves after the course?

    • kiliii says:

      Nick, I think it would probably have to be a single boat that stays at homebase since the undertaking is such a difficult one, though I’d love to do a whole workshop full of hide boats! What a flotilla that would be.

      • Nick says:

        Sorry, I meant: do you expect the participants to return home (empty handed) with the necessary skills to build one for themselves once they get there?

        • kiliii says:

          Yes I think that would be about right. Plus the experience itself aside from the knowledge would be pretty amazing– few kayaks have ben built fully traditional for the last fifty years, the techniques of all hand tool work and hide work are stunning.

  2. Peter Kitchener says:

    + 1 from Auckland New Zealand, I would be very interested in learning more. However I would certainly require more than a weeks warning were this to go ahead.

    • Soo says:

      Well done! The fishing makret is much bigger and more diverse than the paddling and kayak-fishing makrets. Therefore, magazines and other media don’t have to suck up to the handful of kayak manufacturers who spend the most on advertising.My guess is that it will be along time before we see another article of this kind.Martin

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