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About Us at Seawolf Kayak

framesupright About Us at Seawolf Kayak

Seawolf Kayak started seven years ago as a wilderness guiding and primitive skills school. Being coastal people, we evolved into a kayak-centric organization with a wilderness bent!

Today we dedicate ourselves to teaching skin-on-frame kayak-building and guiding kayak tours. We specialize in sea kayaks, expeditions, living off the land and sea, and helping others live happy and fulfilled lives!

4 Responses to “About Us at Seawolf Kayak”

  1. Bob Lindemann says:

    Kiliii, your website is looking good; it just keeps getting better. Keep it up!


  2. Russell Frestone says:

    Been looking at your youtube clips. What is the material you are covering them in it looks like a product that i can not source in the UK [ England Europe] Can I buy some from you Thanks

    Regards Russell

  3. Tracy MacDonald says:

    I am looking to purchase a skin on frame kayak. But I live in Nova Scotia Canada. Can you help?
    I have been kayaking for 20yrs and now due to arm injury it is difficult for me to load and unload my fiberglass boat even though it is all of 45lbs. I am looking for a 14′ as I am a slight build, 100lbs and 5’6″
    I never want to stop kayaking!
    Thank You

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