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Workshops & Kayak Adventures Announced
  • Boston and Santa Cruz Workshops - Oct 14, 2014 - Hey folks, we just announced workshops in Boston and Santa Cruz!   Boston, MA // November 15-23 2014 // $1600 Santa Cruz, CA // Jan 17-25th 2015 // $1600   Registration for Boston is here: Registration and info ...
  • England, Let's make some Boats! - Sep 11, 2014 - Good news, Europe! Kiliii is headed near London in November (8-16) for a kayak-building workshop. Given that it's pretty much impossible to find any skin-on-frame kayak ...
  • Santa Cruz workshop registration - Jul 28, 2013 - Folks, Seawolf is partnering with the very cool wilderness skills organization, Adventure Out. Registration for that course goes through Adventure Out:
  • The Selkie Journal

    “Sea Lions!”, my friend Tom yelled to me, barely audible over the chaotic roar of thirty lightning quick flippers, surfacing and disappearing in a boil of water to my right. Then one thumped into my kayak hull and I knew I had maybe 10 seconds. I pulled my camera away from my face, laid it sideways on my lap above a pool of saltwater on my skirt. 6 seconds… I nabbed my paddle, flipped it and planted it into the water with the awkwardness of going too fast.

    I could suddenly hear myself breathing as my heart became audible and I pushed backwards with a stroke. 3 seconds… A few more strokes and my kayak gained momentum and slid, frictionless, through the water, away from the sea lions. And then suddenly the sea lions vanished beneath the surface.

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    Adventure Kayak Feature 300x195 Interview with Adventure KayakAdventure Kayak arrived in the mail today with a feature interview with me about my life, photography, and particularly traditional kayak-building. You can read the interview on page 24 here: Adventure Kayak Summer 2014. Fabulous photograph of me by my friend and fellow photographer Oliver Ludlow.


    AE Cover 125x164 Featured on Cover of Another EscapeSeawolf Kayak’s Kiliii Fish is on the limited-edition cover of British Magazine Another Escape!

    Thanks to fabulous photographer Elias Carlson for his gorgeous photography, I had a blast with him out on the Washington coast, making paddles and talking kayak. I also chatted with the editors of Another Escape about kayaking the outer limits of endurance, sea otters, and the essence of the traditional and hand-built life.

    You can get the issue here.

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    FISH 140408 ADDYKAY 1050 300x200 Inlander Kayaks in Addy, WAA few photographs from the recent kayak workshop in Addy, WA, just north of Spokane. Since it’s the only workshop we regularly do away from the sea, the participants of this workshop mostly opted to build the new 12′ Inlander kayak, designed by Seawolf collaborator Patrick Farneman. Hosted in the giant shop at the Woodworker Network.

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    FISH 130317 UKCRAFTS 1675 125x187 London Kayak Workshop in November!

    One of our highlights last year was building kayaks in wintry Cumbria, England. This year we’ll have less sheep but more brave men and women working on boats, and conveniently near London! Here are a few photos from last year’s workshop, as well as details for this coming one.

    Dates Offered: November, 2014
    Location: Southhampton, UK
    Costs: £1600 with £800 deposit to reserve. Includes: All kayak building materials. All large and group tools (you will be required to bring a small amount of hand tools). More information at, for registration and London details please email

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    2010 08 20 09 21 42 00 c ryan.sigesmund 300x168 Photographic Highlights, 2007 2013A few photographic highlights from over the years of Seawolf Kayak’s workshops and expeditions.

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     Hot off the Harvard Press: Tired but glowing boatmakersBefore this project, I couldn’t even hang a picture; now I can say I’ve built a boat!” said Glen Cooper, a local photographer who lives on West Bare Hill Road, at the end of last week’s kayak-building workshop.

    Harvard Press Article


    Sea Kayak Kit Photo sm 125x93 Kayak Bamboo Kits Available from NW BambooFolks, our friend and bamboo supplier at NW Bamboo in Portland, Oregon, has put together a terrific deal on bamboo ply in kit form for skin-on-frame sea kayaks. This kit is milled to the Seawolf Kayak spec, and provides enough material for ribs and a coaming for a single 17″ boat, including enough to break a lot of ribs and to give you two tries at each bending on the coaming. Email or call 503.695.3283.

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    p20120418 173252 Building Kayaks in Heaven (or Chewelah) Just returned from a lovely kayak-building course in eastern WA state. Chewelah, to be more precise. It was, as you can imagine, gorgeous, but on top of that it was sunny and we worked with the doors open to the outside world most of the week. A lovely time, and six brand new boats made by some very skillful builders. Here are a couple of photos.

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    I happened upon an excellent post from kayaker extraordinaire Greg Stamer explaining the differences and also primary advantages a Greenland paddle has over other kayak paddle types, especially the wing paddle. More after the jump.

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    120119 SNOWYAK 001 In Seattle, nothing stops kayakers The snow’s been piling up the last few days and I’ve been feeling a bit antsy as all the neighborhood kids are sledding away down the hills. So what’s a man to do but go kayaking with some friends? Went around Seward Park in the evening, the sky glow felt gorgeous and it was a beautiful. And yes, I’ve been hitting up the Instagram look for some fun. Photos after the jump.

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    kayak1 A NW Coast Painter transforms a Seawolf Kayak into a Work of Art One of our students from Canada, Alex Schiebel sent me some images of her Seawolf Stellar Sea Kayak, painted by a friend of hers, a NW Coast native artist named Beau!

    The painting is of a supernatural serpent vessel who carried a young boy around the world 4 times after he was resurrected from near-death.

    Alex says the boat was exhibited at a show and then paddled in a race, which is exactly what I think of our kayaks– beautiful works of art that are for real serious paddling. Another picture if you read on.

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    1316113027 9da97b9b16 m Hide Kayak Workshop?Folks, I am thinking about putting on a workshop where we all build a new true hide kayak skin-on-frame. Just wanted to inquire about people’s interest.

    1. The whole class would build one kayak.

    2. The class would take about 5-8 days.

    3. I would allow (but not prefer) drop-ins.

    4. It would cost about $250-300 for five participants.

    Not sure about scheduling yet, or where we’d do it, but if you’re interested, let me know!