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A Brief Introduction to Skin-on-Frame Kayaks

© 2016 Henrik von Martens

Kiliii Yuyan

Kiliii Fish

Kayak Designer, Expeditioner & Photographer

Kiliii Yuyan is a documentary photographer, adventurer & boat builder with a passion for all things wild. He has guided survival expeditions by land and sea and logged thousands of hours paddling the costal regions of the world.

Building on the knowledge and skills taught to him by traditional Alaskan boat builders, Kiliii designs skin-on-frame kayaks for the modern paddler. He shares the art of skin-on-frame in workshops across the globe.

As a photographer, Kiliii documents the stories of contemporary native communities and the natural world.
See his work at www.kiliii.com

Addie Asbridge

Kiliii Fish

Kayak Builder, Instructor

Addie built her first skin-on-frame kayak with Seawolf in 2015, and hasn’t looked back since.

One fine summer day she was asked to go to Finland to pet reindeer and learn how to build boats — this sounded like a splendid idea. Since then, she has been building Seawolf’s inventory while organizing and teaching workshops with Kiliii.

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